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Sightseeing around

  • Information on nearby dog runs

    • Information on nearby dog runs

      Joetsu City Tanihama Park Dog Run

      【Address】294 Nishitono, Joetsu City

      The largest dog run of 5,800 square meters in the prefecture.
      It is about 35 minutes from Unohana Onsen on National Route 8.
      It is divided into two areas, a small dog area and a free area, and a foot washing and drinking fountain is available for free.
    • Unohama Beach vast sandy Unohama Beach

      The sandy beach where you can enjoy throwing fishing is spreading.
      As we rent frisbee of free rental at our front desk,
      We can enjoy as much as we want.
    • Beach with clean water

      A rank evaluation in the annual water quality survey!
    • Take a walk in the Nature Park in front of the hotel