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  • Information about Go To Travel Campaign

    What is the Go To Travel Campaign?
    This is a national initiative aimed at revitalizing the travel industry and domestic travel damaged by the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection.Currently, you can get a discount of 35% of the total travel cost.

    *After September (the date is undecided), a regional common coupon (15% of the total travel amount) that can be used at the destination will be distributed.

    We also participate in the above Go To Travel Campaign.

    To apply the campaign discount, you need to register on the coupon acquisition site called STAY NAVI.

    Official case of Official website reservation

    Official you make a reservation from the Official website, please make your own registration to STAY NAVI from the address stated on the reservation completion screen / reservation completion email (automatic delivery).

    Please note that simply making a reservation from the Official website will not apply the discount.

    *If you make a mistake in STAYNAVI, you cannot use the discount, so please check carefully.

    *If you booked before July 27th, you cannot use STAY NAVI.Please make a reservation again or contact the hotel.025-534-2325

    After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI at check-in.

    【Presentation method】

    *Please print it out or show the screen of the acquisition coupon on my page.
    *If you do not have the above environment, please write down the coupon number and bring it with you.
    *Customers who do not show the coupon number cannot get the discount, so please be sure to show the coupon number to the front desk.

    When making a reservation directly by phone to the inn

    Please be sure to tell us when you make a reservation that you would like to take advantage of the discount on the Go To Travel Campaign.

    After completing the telephone reservation, we will make a proxy registration with STAY NAVI.

    At check-in, please confirm the information entered by the hotel on your behalf, and if there is no mistake, please sign the "Go To Travel Discount Application Confirmation Form".

    *If there is an error in the content, we will revise it, so please check again.