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List of pet amenity goods

  • Wanko Room first floor of the facility, "Wanko Room Space Wanko Room".
Roller adhesive rollerThis is also around the dog
Wet tissuePlease have a snack or meal
Toilet sheetsPee is safe with this
Welcome dog snackPlease be hungry
Dog-only trash canAs you want
Yukata for dogsRental in lobby, limited in number and size
Tableware for dogs2 bowl type dog tableware
DeodorantsSafe to remove bacteria
Rental gauge for rentalThere are three cars on a first come, first served basis

Yukata corner for dogs

  • We are renting a yukata exclusively for dogs for free.
    Because size and number are limited,
    Please understand on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dog lunch plate

  • 30g chicken meat salad / 10g From Hokkaido mashed potatoes / oligosaccharide milk biscuits

    *It is offered at dinner.
  • All Wanyado rooms can be connected anywhere! "FREE Free Wi-Fi"

Doggy rental blanket

Dog foot washing area

Refresh with a hot shower!

  • It is installed beside the front entrance after playing on the beach.
    Please feel free to use disposable paper towels.
Foot washroom amenitiesUndressing basket/Pet-only shampoo/Dog towel
Open HoursAvailable 24 hours
CautionsIt is not hot spring.

Wanko Room space Wanko Room

  • Doggy toys are available.
    Please use it freely with your dog.

Free grooming counter corner

Doggy dressing table

Please use it to care for doggy freely

Grooming amenityPet-only dryer x 2/Comb brush/Nail cutting/Wet tissue